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avoid this trap
Warning!! Please look at this!! Not an advertisement!! You can avoid this trap!!
You have a right and need to know, you can have good insurance, plus Medicare, and still, you can be sued for a fortune before being approved for Medicaid, when a loved one goes into a nursing home!!
Over a year ago, my wife, had a very bad stroke, the worst kind of stroke the doctors say you can have, and after about 2 months in the hospital, she was transfer to Hillside Nursing Home, of the Genesis group located at 810 South Broom Street Wilmington Delaware. She went in to the home with Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, and Medicare already. I am there every day and in constant contact with them. It was not until after Hillside claimed the insurances were exhausted that they informed me to apply for Medicaid. I did so immediately and made an application without any mistakes, and was then told, by Medicaid, I did not qualify. Upon seeking legal counsel, I discovered that the Medicaid office had made admitted mistake(s), in their processing of the case, but takes no responsibility for them. I was directed to restart the application process all over again. I did so with the help of our attorney, who made my wife Medicaid eligible, and secured her approval. This approval would have never happen without his help; the process is a nightmare, and the application process well beyond ordinary people.
Now Hillside, after taking Blue Cross/ Blue Shield and Medicare plus retroactive Medicaid payments is suing us for a fortune and it is crushing us
I wrote to the 15 corporate heads of Genesis, and spoke at length to a Jeff Duernbeck, 410 296 1000, who indicated he was unaware this was happening, and said he look into it, Genesis must be so ashamed of their conduct, that 10 days later they filed a motion in superior court to have its name removed from the suit, but they own operate and direct hillside nursing home, who is still suing us!!
This trap cannot work if you just remember and tell everyone you know that if you or a love one, is going into a nursing home, you should apply for Medicaid immediately, and you will almost certainly need an attorney to get qualified, especially if you want to keep your house, assets and avoid being cheated. The attorneys can protect assets in the application process. Otherwise Medicaid could take your assets and can place a lien on the home so they can collect it later.
And if you’re willing, please say a prayer for my wife who is very sick, Please protect yourself from this trap no one else will, if this has happened to you too call me 267 402 0432, TURN OVER, original law suit on other side
God Bless You
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